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Lynn Jurich: Why I Don't Own a Car
Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich explains why she does own a automobile, highlighting a shift in 21st century values where the 'new status symbol isn't what you own - it's what you're smart enough not to own.' - 07-Jan-2013

Silent Electric Cars A 'National Nightmare'?
Whoever wrote Tom Gara's headline about regulatory issues of giving electric cars a safety sound when traveling at low speeds, thinks the quietness of EVs is a 'national nightmare.' - 09-Jan-2013

Xkuty One E-Scooter Debuts in Spain
A 48V 17 Ah battery mounted under the seat provides a 50 km (31 miles) range with a max speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). - 09-Jan-2013

Prius PHV Is Best-Selling Plug-In Hybrid in UK for 2012
Despite three month sales lead by competing Vauxhall Ampera, Prius PHV outsold GM's European version of the Volt. - 09-Jan-2013

Volvo Plans Introduction of XC60 PHEV Concept at NAIAS 2013
Swedish carmaker also will return to Detroit with C30 Electric and demonstration of its 22kW fast charger. - 09-Jan-2013

BYD Shares Rise on China's Efforts to Accelerate Green Vehicles
China’s cabinet announced it will take measures to ease traffic congestion with a goal of public transport accounting for 60 percent of all motor vehicle use, which would boost BYD's k9 electric bus sales - 09-Jan-2013

Cambodia Unveils Locally-Developed Electric Car Concept
Parts for the estimated $10,000 electric car were sourced both in Cambodia, as well as outside the country. Performance figures not known at this time. - 09-Jan-2013

Mahindra Reva Christens Its New e2O Electric Car
Range of four passenger e2O estimated up to 100 km. Production of the REVAi, two-seater will cease as focus shifts to newer, more spacious model. - 09-Jan-2013

Massachusetts Court Sides With Tesla in MSADA Lawsuit
Norfolk Superior Court dismisses Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association lawsuit trying to prevent 'direct-to-buyer' sales of Tesla electric vehicles. - 13-Jan-2013

Canada Tar Sands Linked to Higher Carcinogen Levels
Researchers find development of Alberta tar sands are raising levels of known carcinogens in lake sediments from 2.5 to 23 times that found in 1960. - 16-Jan-2013