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Future of US Advanced Vehicle Loans Uncertain
Loans under the Obama Administration have effectively dried up since March 2011, including freezing funds to Fisker and rejecting applications from Russian steel-maker OAO Severstal and Chrysler Group, LLC - 01-Feb-2013

What It'll Take For Electric Cars to 'Fly' Out of Showrooms
US Energy Secretary Steven Chu catalogs the progress made in EV development during his four years as head of the US Energy Department, as well as pointing out where technology needs to be to make EVs competitive. - 01-Feb-2013

Charging Network Visibility Improves Consumer Confidence, Study Finds
Global Information studies look at role of range-extended electric hybrids and role of charging stations in helping drive sales of e-drive vehicles. - 03-Feb-2013

Electric-Drive Car Sales Off to Slower Start In January
Sales of plug-in vehicles, including Chevy Volts, Nissan LEAFs and Toyota Prius PHV were all off their December 2012 highs. - 03-Feb-2013

Why Should I Buy An Electric Car and Do They Save Money?
Chicago Tribune answers both questions on eve of Chicago Auto Show - 03-Feb-2013

Graphene-based Lithium Battery Can Reduce Recharge Time to Minutes
Battelle and Vorbeck Materials Corp. pen commercial licensing agreement to utilize Vor-X graphene technology to market for use in consumer portable electronic and medical devices, tools and electric vehicles. - 03-Feb-2013

European Commission Adopts Mennekes Type 2 Connector
With European Commission proposing to mandate tens of thousands of public chargers across Europe, move to adopt the German design seen adding impetus to initiative to put more EVs on Europe's roads. - 03-Feb-2013

Electric Vehicle Registrations Soar in Hawaii
At the end of 2012, there were 1,136 EVs registered in the state, compared to 162 when the 'Hawaii EV Ready' program began. - 03-Feb-2013

Dr. Harvey's Electric Car Manifesto
St. Louis physician Steve Harvey gives five reasons he drives a Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in electric hybrid - 04-Feb-2013

Tesla Now Producing 400 Model S Electric Sedans Per Week
400 unit per week production is more than Mercedes-Benz or BMW sells of their flagship S Class and 7 Series cars respectively in the United States. - 04-Feb-2013