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Fiat 500e Rated at Equivalent of 116 MPG
The EPA said the 500e will get 122 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe), the best for any electric vehicle tested to date. - 06-Jan-2013

Judge Dismisses Massachusetts Group's Lawsuit Against Tesla
Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association attempted to prevent Tesla from doing business in the state. - 06-Jan-2013

Sales of Chevy Volt Triples in Year of Electric Car Paradoxes
While sales of 23,461 Volts in 2012 fell short of sales target, it is still seen as a positive trend after a very difficult year. - 06-Jan-2013

Electric-Drive Vehicle Sales Forecast at 3.8 Million Annually
Pike Research forecast for 2020 includes worldwide sales of electric and hybrid class vehicles, with the company reporting plug-in electric sales reaching 120,000 in 2012. - 07-Jan-2013

India's Weak Power Grid Poses Challenges for EV Sales
Massive blackout across India in 2012 caused Ampere's ebikes sales to drop from 600 a month to 60. - 07-Jan-2013

Incentives Are Why Electric Car Sales Booming in Norway
Over five percent of new cars sold in Norway are electric compared to less than one percent in the United States. - 07-Jan-2013

GE Detouring From Electric Cars to CNG?
While continuing to buy plug-in vehicles, GE is also testing 300 Ford F-250 medium-duty pickups that use compressed natural gas and propane. - 07-Jan-2013

Audi Nixes A2 Electric Car, Resumes R8 e-tron Research
Market uncertainties and costs considered reason for termination of the project, while research has resumed on R8 e-tron electric super car program, though production plans remain in limbo. - 07-Jan-2013

nCycle E-Bike Concept Sports Innovations
While still just a concept on a computer hard drive, nCycle includes innovations like the handlebar that doubles as the bike lock, built in LED lights, storage for laptop and folding design. - 07-Jan-2013

Who Needs A Car When You Have a Smartphone?
The reasons to not own a car continue to grow for urban dwellers, including food trucks, virtual supermarkets, and carshare programs. - 07-Jan-2013