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E-Cycles: The Quiet Electric Vehicle Race
Electric motorcycle racing is where the excitement is as in the EV world, writes Nicholas Zart. - 17-Jan-2012

Leasing Mitsubishi Electric Car on Normal Agenda
Cost of six 'i' electric cars $147,000 plus $1. - 17-Jan-2012

Mercedes Vito E-Van Fleet Accumulagte 400,000+ Miles
Fleet trials are demonstrating that the battery capacity typically fluctuates between 95 and 25% of available capacity, indicating that the maximum range of the Vito E-CELL is seldom fully utilized. - 17-Jan-2012

Reducing Friction Could Cut Car Fuel Consumption 60+%
It should thus be possible to reduce carĀ“s fuel consumption and emissions by 18% within the next 5 to 10 years and up to 61% within 15 to 25 years. - 17-Jan-2012

BYD Shares Rise on China EV Tax Exemption
BYD sold a total of 309 E6 cars to taxi-fleet operators and individual motorists in the first 11 months of last year - 17-Jan-2012

ALTe Stays the Course on E-Truck Business Plan
As field of competitors grows, ALTe pursues aspirations of being a electric hybrid power train manufacturer. - 17-Jan-2012

Michigan Company's GreenTaxi Has Global Potential
L3 Combat Propulsion Systems has developed electric motor taxi system for commercial jetliners to help reduce fuel consumption and pollution. - 20-Jan-2012

UK Gov't, Industry Form Hydrogen Mobility Initiative
The group will evaluate the potential for hydrogen as a fuel for Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles in the UK. - 20-Jan-2012

Hiriko Electric Carshare More Than Just About Mobility
The real insight of Hiriko carshare scheme is that it aims to change the way we live and do social good at the same time. - 20-Jan-2012

English Northeast Leads in Charging Station Installations
By the end of January, 300 points will have been installed running all the way from Middlesbrough to Berwick. - 20-Jan-2012