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Two Senior Engineers Depart Tesla As Model S Moves Toward Production
Departures drive share prices down 19 percent. - 16-Jan-2012

BMW Hybrids Combine Mileage and Muscle
Jim Motavalli reviews BMW's latest hybrid performance car, the ActiveHybrid 3. - 16-Jan-2012

8,000+ 'New Energy' Vehicles Sold in China in 2011
According to CAAM statistics, 5,655 pure electric vehicles were manufactured in the year, while only 2,713 hybrids were made. - 16-Jan-2012

Electric Vehicle Grants Extended in UK to 2015
Grants range from £5,000 to £8,000 pounds depending on type of vehicle. - 17-Jan-2012

Study Finds 95% Of Trips Within Range of Electric Cars
Travel Survey data analyzed by Columbia doctoral candidates reveals that 99% of all trips are under 70 miles. - 17-Jan-2012

Vauxhall Ampera Takes on Highest Hills in UK
Andrew England with the Telegraph takes the Ampera over the steepest hill climb in the British Isles. - 17-Jan-2012

Tennessee's EV Rebate Going Largely Unclaimed
Less than one-fourth of a $2.5 million state fund to encourage purchases of electric cars has been claimed since the vehicles hit the market a year ago. - 17-Jan-2012

Get Radical To Fix U.S. Oil, Energy Issues
Randy Essex, editorial director and the Rocky Mountain Institute, sees a critical role for electric vehicles to help reduce America's trade deficit and oil dependence. - 17-Jan-2012

Plan to Build Reva Electric Cars in USA Stalls
Lawsuit by Bannon Automotive against Mahindra Reva is settled, but does not include provision to manufacture the vehicle. - 17-Jan-2012

Americans to Get More Plug-In Car Options
Besides Chevy Volt, more plug-in hybrids coming from Honda, Toyota and Ford. - 17-Jan-2012