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Electric Car Charging Network Powers Up in Quebec
By March 2012, the first 90 240-volt charging stations should be operating at 60 sites in the Montreal and Quebec City regions. - 16-Jan-2012

Driving the Volt, Driving the Future
Chris Chase gets his hands on Chevrolet Volt and apart from its high price tag, finds it a taste of a promising future. - 16-Jan-2012

Skoda to Launch Electric Car in 2014
VW subsidiary in Czech Republic has been experimenting with electric vehicles based on Octavaia combi. - 16-Jan-2012

Carlos Ghosn: Leading the Electric Car Charge
AOL Autos editor David Kiley profiles Renault Nissan Alliance chief for its 'In All' position on electric cars. - 16-Jan-2012

Moving Towards International Electric Vehicle Championship
International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) and the American Le Mans Series will form a joint venture to launch global racing series. - 16-Jan-2012

Will Tata's eMO Electric Car Ever See Production?
Canadian motoring columnist David Booth isn't impressed by the Indian carmaker's electric concept car. - 16-Jan-2012

Automakers Continue to Push Electric Vehicle Development
Graeme Fletcher shares his impressions of the 2012 Detroit Auto Show and his driving experiences in the Chevy Volt. - 16-Jan-2012

Want Electric Porsche? Build It Yourself
Jim and Bonita Greeson and other Florida residents learn how to convert their cars to electric drive. - 16-Jan-2012

500 Mile Lithium-Air Batteries Could Be In Production By 2020
IBM-lead Battery 500 coalition could have full-scale prototypes ready by 2013. - 16-Jan-2012

Volkswagen Developing Electric, Plug-in Hybrid
Plug-in hybrid powertrain will be installed in a 'mass segment' vehicle. - 16-Jan-2012