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Chrysler Competitiveness Threatened By Stalled Loan
$3.5 billion loan would be used to help company develop electric and hybrid vehicles. - 12-Jan-2012

Will Ford's Electric Hybrid Really Get 100 MPG?
MPGe refers to how many miles the car can go on an amount of electricity equivalent to a gallon of gasoline. - 12-Jan-2012

At Year One, Prospects for Electric Cars Still Uncertain
The fate of whole companies rests on who is right in forecasting the sales of electric vehicles by 2020. - 12-Jan-2012

Secretary Chu: Costs of Batteries Coming Down
DoE goal is to reduce price from today's $12,000 a pack price to $1,500 by 2020. - 12-Jan-2012

Ways to Make Electric Cars Comfortable with Their Range
Pioneering environmental reporter Geoffrey Lean sees promise Better Place's charging and battery exchange network - 12-Jan-2012

2011 Sees Surge in 40 MPG Cars
Sales of high-MPG, non-hybrid cars soaring in USA. - 16-Jan-2012

Brammo Booming
Report on the growth of one of leading electric motorcycle manufacturer in Ashland, Oregon. - 16-Jan-2012

CES Becoming New EV Venue
2012 Consumer Electronics Show is becoming a competitive venue for the release of new electric-drive vehicles and charging stations. - 16-Jan-2012

Lincoln MKZ May Get Plug-In Hybrid Option
While plans are to offer only gasoline and hybrid drive options, company says it could offer an electric hybrid version. - 16-Jan-2012

Michigan Grid Ready for Electric Cars
Consumers Energy representative assures that power company grid has the capacity to handle battery and electric hybrids. - 16-Jan-2012