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Renault's Electric Vehicles Britain-Bound in 2012
Having been teased by radical looking concepts for almost four years, these all-electric vehicles are finally headed across the Channel. - 10-Jan-2012

White House Defends Plug-In Car Tax Break
Despite criticisms, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood supported $7,500 tax credit given purchases of plug-in cars like Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF. - 10-Jan-2012

Kia Skips Detroit for Las Vegas Show
Kia choses the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to debut two electric car concepts. - 10-Jan-2012

Ford Plans Introduction of Five Electric Cars
Ford CEO Mulally says it will be most eco-friendly line-up in company's history. - 12-Jan-2012

Hyundai Offers Lifetime Battery Warranty for Sonata Hybrid
Hyundai testing is seeing lifetimes in testing of 300,000 miles on its lithium ion battery. - 11-Jan-2012

Toyota Reveals NS4 Plug-In Hybrid Concept
NS4’s advanced powertrain targets a next-generation Hybrid Synergy Drive plug-in system featuring reductions in component size and weight with improved overall fuel economy - 11-Jan-2012

Bentley Planning Luxury Plug-in Hybrid for 2015
Company sees no financial constraints to introduce advanced technology into Bentley line, which is now part of Volkswagen Group. - 11-Jan-2012

Are Electric Car Sales Disappointing in First Year?
Ezra Klein reminds readers that in the first year hybrids became available in America, Honda and Toyota combined sold just 9,350 units. - 11-Jan-2012

Honda to Build NSX Hybrid Supercar In Ohio
Production and sales of the mid-engine V6 hybrid super car will start within three years. - 12-Jan-2012

Infiniti to Reveal Electric Hybrid Sports Car in Geneva
Sports car will have mid-ship drive that will combine both electric and mechanical interconnection. - 11-Jan-2012