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VW Unveils E-Bugster Electric Concept Car
E-Bugster electric concept can be fast charged in 35-minutes. - 09-Jan-2012

IBM Researches Develop Promising Lithium-Air Battery
Battery 500 coalition hopes to have full-scale prototype ready by 2013, with commercial batteries to follow by around 2020. - 09-Jan-2012

Mahindra Reva Officially Reveals NXR Electric Car
M&M gains insights into electric cars through its acquisition of Reva's sale of 4,500 cars in 24 countries. - 09-Jan-2012

StreetScooter Electric Car Is Crowd-Sourced
German-developed StreetScooter will cost $6,000 sans its battery pack. - 09-Jan-2012

Is Consumer Interest in Electric Cars Waning?
Nicholas Zart sees EV skeptics rallying after first year of sales ends, but are we really seeing the end of the EV story... again? - 09-Jan-2012

GM Will Adjust Production of Meet Volt Demand in 2012
GM Chairman Akerson sees 'new variables in the equation' in determining future production plans. - 09-Jan-2012

Wanted or Not, Alt Energy Cars 'Flood' Detroit Car Show Floor
Sales of hybrids might have slumped in 2011, but that's not kept carmakers from rolling out new models. - 10-Jan-2012

Volkswagen Debuts 2013 Jetta Hybrid
2012 VW Jetta can be driven over a mile on its electric motor alone using energy stored in its 1.1 kWh lithium ion battery pack. - 10-Jan-2012

Toyota Reveals First Images of Yaris Hybrid
Toyota has downsized its Hybrid Synergy Drive for Yaris, combining a new 1.5-litre petrol engine with a more compact electric motor, transaxle, inverter and battery pack. - 10-Jan-2012

ABB to Build Out Estonian EV Charging Network
System will be the largest in Europe and will include DC fast charging. - 10-Jan-2012