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Volvo Smart Charging Enables Electricity Payment Via Any Outlet
ELVIIS program is developing a smart on-board concept for controlling, measuring and paying for electricity from any outlet. - 25-Feb-2012

Smart to Sell E-Bike in Canada
Smart ebike's portable battery can be removed and charged from wall socket. - 25-Feb-2012

Tesla: Owner Care Prevents Battery 'Brick'
While Tesla does caution Roadster owners about potential battery issues, critics contend that warnings are inadequate. - 25-Feb-2012

Plastics Help Lighten Roewe E50 Electric Car
Demonstrator vehicle's engine hood is 70 percent lighter, while its window glass made from coated acrylic is 40-50 percent lighter. - 25-Feb-2012

Electric Vehicles Making Inroads in Florida
EV Expo highlights expanding deployment of electric car charging stations in central Florida. - 25-Feb-2012

Facts, Fiction of Coal-Powered Electric Cars
Clean Fleet's John Addison looks into the claims by the oil industry and careless news pundits that electrics are 'powered' by dirty coal. - 25-Feb-2012

Vito E-Cell Qualifies for UK Plug-in Van Grant
UK grant offsets price of the Vito E-Cell van by 20 percent. - 25-Feb-2012

Why We Aren't [Yet] Buying Electric Cars
Rick Munarriz sees three reasons why car buyers aren't buying electrics. - 25-Feb-2012

Electric Cars: Bypassing the Pump, Celebrating the Socket
New York Times reviews current electric car offerings. - 25-Feb-2012

Newt Gingrich: Ignorance, Lies and the Chevy Volt
Jeffrey Wattrick pulls no punches in calling Newt Gingrich a liar when it comes to his talking about the Chevrolet Volt. - 25-Feb-2012