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Consumer Reports On Electric Car 'Angst'
77 percent of survey respondents say they fret over range concerns for electric and plug-in hybrid. - 19-Feb-2012

Dan Neil Meets Fisker's Karma, 'World's Most Interesting Car'
Wall Street Journal's auto reviewer turns his wicked whit on Fisker's luxury electric hybrid. - 19-Feb-2012

Paice Goes After Hyundai, Kia in Hybrid Patent Lawsuit
Firm that successfully won patent infringement lawsuit against Toyota, files similar complaint in Baltimore, Maryland federal court. - 19-Feb-2012

Bob Lutz On Energy, Batteries, and Electric Car Sales
Former GM Co-chairman sees oil and natural gas in North America making the U.S. 'independent of foreign oil' within five years. - 19-Feb-2012

Peak Oil Dead? Not Yet
Shale oil deposits in the Dakota's are demonstrating extraordinarily rapid rates of depletion, drillers are discovering. - 19-Feb-2012

Making Sense of Hybrid Car Terminology
Lindsay Brook explains the nuances of hybrid electric car power trains. - 19-Feb-2012

Test Driving BMW's Next Generation Electric Car
Evening test drive at average 49 mph achieved a range of 101 miles with 9 percent of battery charge remaining. - 19-Feb-2012

Tesla's 'Brick' Problem
Michael Degusta, who has a $5000 deposit on a Tesla Model S, uncovers a potentially serious flaw in the company's battery design that could leave inattentive Roadster owners with a $40,000 bill or a useless vehicle. - 23-Feb-2012

U.S. Military Rolls Out 16-Vehicle Fuel Cell Fleet
Chevrolet Fuel Cell Equinox have 200 mile range and can be refueled in 5 minutes using compressed hydrogen. - 25-Feb-2012

A123 Introduces New Military Lithium Battery
The new battery system is available in 12V and 24 V models to meet specific vehicle requirements. - 25-Feb-2012