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Honda's Mugen To Enter Electric Motorcycle Racing
Honda's partner Mugen will enter TTXGP race on Isle of Man in 2012. - 17-Feb-2012

GOP Transportation Bill A Derailment About To Happen
San Francisco Chronicle commentator Tom Meyer catalogs the shortcomings of the Republican-controlled House transportation bill. - 19-Feb-2012

Clean Electric Cars Need Clean Power Sources
South Africa's heavy reliance on coal to generate electric power, like in China, deflates the environmental value of electric cars. - 19-Feb-2012

VW Aims to Produce 100,000 Electric Cars By 2018
Volkswagen sees largest future market for EVs in China. - 19-Feb-2012

PolyPlus Batteries Could Someday Power 500 Miles Electric Car
David Herron looks at California company developing both lithium-air and lithium-water batteries with 10,000 watt hours per kilogram energy density. - 19-Feb-2012

LEMev Stream Electric Scooter Pays For Itself in Six Years
Driving the LEMev Stream electric scooter 9,000 miles annually will save nearly 700 Euros annually compared to 125cc gas scooter. - 19-Feb-2012

GE Keeps Its Promise, Begins Delivering Volts to Employees
General Electric sends out employee memo to employees who will be getting Chevrolet Volts - 19-Feb-2012

Chrysler Withdraws Gov't Loan Ap for Hybrids, Electric Cars
Chrysler's Marchionne expressed frustration about the DoE's lengthy process, smaller loan amount and restrictive terms - 19-Feb-2012

Global Fuel Cell Market Expected to Reach Near $1 Billion By 2014
Key vendors dominating this market include Fuel Cell Energy Inc., UTC Power Corp., Hydrogenics Corp., and POSCO Power Corp. - 19-Feb-2012

Smith Electric Looks to China for JV Partner, Market
$75 million joint venture between Smith and Wanxiang will build electric school buses and commercial vehicles in China. - 19-Feb-2012