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Ford Plans Electric Hybrid Mondeo in 2013
Ford anticipates its plug-in hybrid Mondeo will achieve the equivalent of 100+ mpg. - 15-Feb-2012

Obama Administration Wants to Increase EV Tax Credit to $10,000
The new subsidy level represents a 33 percent jump from the current $7,500 government payout for each plug-in car buyer. - 15-Feb-2012

Local City Power Grids May Not Be Ready for Electric Cars
One electric vehicle's demand can be anywhere up from three quarters of a house up to three houses. - 17-Feb-2012

Don't Believe Big Oil's Line About Electric Cars
Tamara Rutter sees Big Oil pronouncements that electric cars are decades off as self-serving. - 17-Feb-2012

Tesla Reports $40M in Model X Pre-Orders
Tesla has secured over 650 buyers for the its new crossover, all-electric car. - 17-Feb-2012

China BAK Battery to Supply Chery Electric Cars
China BAK will supply 100 units of lithium-ion high-power batteries, which will be used to power Chery's electric cars in the first half of 2012. - 17-Feb-2012

Plug-in Car Makers Are Now Pushing 'The Button'
Button allows plug-in car drivers to keep car in or take it out of electric driving mode - 17-Feb-2012

Manitoba's Block Heater Outlets Inadequate for Electric Cars
If half empty, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV car, for instance, can be recharged in 10 hours with a steady supply of 110-volt electricity, but many parking lots cycle electricity on and off each hour. - 17-Feb-2012

Tesla to Develop Electric Powertrain for Mercedes
For the new Mercedes model, Tesla will provide battery packs, motor, gearbox, inverter and all related software. - 17-Feb-2012

M55 Offers 'High End' Electric Bikes
Budapest-based luxury e-bike maker will offer 275 limited edition Terminus electric bicycles, starting at the equivalent of more than $35,000US. - 17-Feb-2012