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Study: Electric Vehicles and Pollution in China
University of Tennessee researchers compared five vehicles types and found E-bikes yielded the lowest environmental health impacts per passenger per kilometer. - 15-Feb-2012

Do Electric Cars Just Facilitate Unsustainable Lifestyles?
Ozzie Zehner seems to think so in this opinion piece that is as critical of suburban sprawl as it is electric cars. - 15-Feb-2012

Carmakers Will Continue EV Investments While Improving IC Engine
KPMG 2012 global survey finds the need for new electric propulsion technology is still top of mind for auto executives. - 15-Feb-2012

EU Group Wants to Up E-Bike Power to 1000 Watts
Dispute arises over whether increasing the available power to e-bikes should cause them to be reclassified as e-mopeds. - 15-Feb-2012

Suzuki Forms JV to Develop Fuel Cell Vehicles
UK-based Intelligent Energy and Suzuki will co-develop and manufacture fuel cell systems for electric vehicles. - 15-Feb-2012

Ernst Young Offers Recommendations on EV Introductions
Hard work and cross-sectoral cooperation are required to build an enduring EV industry. - 15-Feb-2012

Honda Delivers Fit EV to Google, Stanford University
Battery electric-powered Honda Fit is equipped with 20-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that should be good for a 76-mile average range, according to the EPA. - 15-Feb-2012

BAE Testing 'Structural' Batteries in Racecars, Flashlights
Batteries are made from carbon fibre similar to that used in aerospace and racing. - 15-Feb-2012

BASF Acquires Ovonic Battery Company
Ovonic will be managed under BASF’s new Battery Materials global business unit. - 15-Feb-2012

San Francisco Doubles Taxi Fleet, Cuts Fuel Use in Half
San Francisco taxi operators are saving millions by with a fleet that is 92 percent hybrid or fueled with CNG. - 15-Feb-2012