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Why Bhutan Should Promote Electric Cars
Electric cars like the Reva, built in India, are some 12 times more economical than gasoline cars. - 13-Feb-2012

Tesla Reveals Electric Car We Can All Want
Crossover model will be priced between $55,000 to $75,000 depending on battery options. - 13-Feb-2012

Hertz Tests Wireless Electric Car Charging
Plugless Power is currently a pilot program in its trial phase - 13-Feb-2012

DOE Green Tech Loans Less At Risk, But New Safeguards Urged
White House report finds adequate reserves for loan defaults, but additional safeguards need to be put in place. - 13-Feb-2012

Washington State Senate Passes $100 Electric Car Fee
$100 annual fee is to compensate for the lack of gas taxes electric car owners pay. - 13-Feb-2012

First Step Taken Towards Future Electric Airliners
Multi-disciplinary Actuation 2015 consortium formed to reduce electricity use of aircraft that doesn't contribute to propulsion. - 14-Feb-2012

Canadian Couple Excited By Electric Car Savings, Benefits
Bill and Nicole Clendinning are paying $820CAD month to lease the first Nissan LEAF in British Columbia. - 14-Feb-2012

Price of More Concern Than Range for Would-be Electric Car Buyers
Online survey finds initial price of electric vehicle concerns buyers more than range. - 14-Feb-2012

New Zealand Group Surveys National Interest in EVs
The survey offers a unique opportunity for Kiwis to have their say on the future for electric vehicles. - 14-Feb-2012

Scotland's Electric Car Project Doubles in Size
The 12-month study is part of a planned renewable energy and low-carbon technologies centre. - 14-Feb-2012