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CODA CEO on EV Markets in China, USA
Gasgoo interviews CEO Philip F. Murtaugh. - 13-Feb-2012

Fisker Layoffs Only 'Bump in the Road'
Layoffs at future Wilmington, Delaware plant will not impact production of Karma electric hybrid, company states. - 13-Feb-2012

Too Early to Bury the Electric Car?
Alex Planes sees early sales numbers not as dire as portrayed, citing example of sales curve on hybrids. - 13-Feb-2012

Mitsubishi Electric Car Rated Greenish Car
i-MiEV electric car tops ACEEE Greenest Car List, knocking Honda Civic GX from top ranking. - 13-Feb-2012

Myths and Facts About Electric Cars
Exhaustive analysis by Media Matters on attacks by right wing media on electric vehicles. - 13-Feb-2012

Fisker Is Not Solyndra... Just Yet.
Peter Valdes-Dapena and Steve Hargreaves look at the circumstances surrounding DoE loans to Fisker Automotive. - 13-Feb-2012

Chrysler CEO Marchionne Confirms Electric Fiat 500 Production
2013 Fiat 500 is expected have equivalent of 100 hp electric motor with 80-100 miles of 'real-world' range. - 13-Feb-2012

Judicial Watch Sues DOE for Fisker Loan Documents
DOE cut off funds in May 2011 when Fisker failed to meet milestones. - 13-Feb-2012

American Jobs Endangered By Unfounded Electric Car Attacks
Max Baumhefner challenges the assertions by right-wing pundits that electric cars are a failure. - 13-Feb-2012

Army to Demonstrate Diesel-Hybrid CERV
CERV consumes up to 25 percent less fuel compared with conventional vehicles of comparable size. - 13-Feb-2012