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Arizona Bill Would Tax Electric Cars at 1.42ยข Per Mile Driven
Bill is similar to one being proposed in Oregon with funds used to help maintain the state's roads. - 07-Feb-2012

Electric Car Growth in Europe Expected To Be Sluggish in 2012
Europe's economic woes continue to dampen sales where less than 12,000 electric cars were sold in 2011. - 07-Feb-2012

The Coming Age of Composite Hybrid Light Trucks
Besides its composite-body panels, the Motive Industries-designed 'Bison' light duty pickup could be powered by either hybrid or electric hybrid power train. - 07-Feb-2012

Fisker Delays Nina Project Due to Missed DoE Deadlines
Construction on Delaware plant slowed and 26 workers are laid off as company seeks to re-negotiate 'milestones' in federal loan program. - 07-Feb-2012

Think's Elkhart Plant in Statis
Two employees are maintaining the plant and assembling cars, some 120 of which are ready to be driven off by willing customers. - 07-Feb-2012

Boston City Fleet to Trial Zipcar Reservation System
Vehicles once dedicated to individual departments will be pooled in an interdepartmental fleet to improve efficiency and utilization costs. - 07-Feb-2012

San Francisco to Deploy E-Bike Share Network
City CarShare will receive $760,000 of the grant money, covering some 40 percent of the costs over three years for 90 e-bikes at about 25 locations. - 07-Feb-2012

Secretary Chu On Ways to Use Surplus Renewable Energy
In addition to expanding the power distribution network, the U.S. Energy Secretary also sees roll for electric vehicles. - 09-Feb-2012

BRD Redshift MX Electric Motocross Debuts
The RedShift MX shares the 40hp, 5.2kWh drivetrain and monocoque aluminum chassis. - 13-Feb-2012

EasyJet Tests Electric Taxi System
EasyJet aircraft average 20 minutes of taxi time per flight, travelling around 3.5 million miles a year on the ground. - 13-Feb-2012