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Boulder EV Delivers First Electric Truck
Developed by team that includes creator of the Killacycle, the 21-foot delivery trucks costs US$70,000, but can cost as little as 7ยข a mile to operate. - 05-Feb-2012

Super-Efficiency VW Moves Toward Limited Production
Volkswagen XL1 Concept, first debuted at 2011 Qatar Motor Show, will have all-electric mode range up to 24 miles. - 05-Feb-2012

Hybrids Sales Lagging, Blame Buyers?
Cars like Hyundai Sonata get almost as good fuel economy as the more expensive Prius. - 06-Feb-2012

Green Electricity, Electric Cars Are Smart Match
Charis Michelsen reminds everyone that for electric cars to be really "green" they can't be powered by coal. - 06-Feb-2012

Electric Car Adoption On Pace With Other Technology Introductions
Electric vehicle industry executives see similarities between adoption of electric cars and other technological innovations. - 06-Feb-2012

Software Glitch Sends Better Place Cars Back to Garage
Warning light comes on once cars done charging, but turns off once car restarted. - 06-Feb-2012

Studebaker Plans Resurgence That Includes Hybrid, Electric Models
Revived company would aim for an initial sales target of 20,000 units annually with power train options that include fuel efficient gas engine, hybrid and electric. - 06-Feb-2012

HOV Lane-Accessible Chevy Volt Nears Production
Volts with a newly redesigned exhaust system that will meet California's standards for the HOV lane were scheduled to begin being built on Feb. 6th. - 07-Feb-2012

Build Your Own Electric Car For Half the Price of Nissan LEAF
Professor Paul Pancella converts his 1992 Honda Civic for $17,000. - 07-Feb-2012

Electric Cars Looking for Sales 'Spark' in 2012
Tripling of sales in 2012 to 60,000+ vehicles would herald the permanence of EV technology, industry observers note. - 07-Feb-2012