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Europeans See Important Role for Light Electric Vehicles
Powered Two-Wheeler Industry Association conference discusses future impact of LEVs in reducing impact of automobiles. - 02-Feb-2012

Micro-Hybrids to Grow to 39 Million by 2017
In China, micro-hybrids will grow 81 pc a year to 8.9 million by 2017, while in the US, the market will jump from virtually zero to more than 8 million units, forecasts Lux Research. - 02-Feb-2012

Pune E-Bike Rental Scheme Faces Apathetic Indian Market
Customer response has been so poor that two of the three operators have withdrawn from the scheme. - 02-Feb-2012

Shouldn't We Be Paying Attention to Shai Agassi?
Davey G. Johnson wonders why more of us aren't listening to what Better Place founder Shai Agassi is saying and doing in the making electric vehicles really practical. - 05-Feb-2012

Infiniti Announces EMERG-E Electric Hybrid Sports Car Concept
Concept will have mid-ship extended range electric hybrid drive train. - 05-Feb-2012

Republican Candidates on Energy and EVs
Andrew Meggison analyzes where the four leading Republican presidential candidates stand on the question of energy and electric cars. - 05-Feb-2012

Fisker Adds Canada to Sales Market for Karma
Karma electric hybrids will be available in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. - 05-Feb-2012

Court Awards Plaintiff in Honda Civic Hybrid Lawsuit
California awarded Heather Peters US$9,867 on claim that Honda misled on its mileage claims for the Civic Hybrid. Win could start revolution in small claims court. - 05-Feb-2012

Review: Chevy Volt Stands Out by Blending In
Graeme Fletcher writes this Chevy retains 'normal' car feel, while offering great economy. - 05-Feb-2012

People Want Better Fuel Economy as Long as They Don't Pay For It.
Public survey don't usually reveal all reasons why respondents answer they way they do, and this is no truer than those that ask about fuel economy. - 05-Feb-2012