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Eos Energy Working on Improved Rechargable Zinc-Air Battery
Eos Energy Storage has a formula for zinc-air batteries that it thinks can eventually be the dominant technology for use in the grid. - 08-Jan-2012

Hybrid Car Sales Fall Short in Korea
2011 sales for Hyundai Sonata Hybrid fall short of company targets - 09-Jan-2012

How Nissan Plans the Revenge of the Electric Car
As of the end of 2011, Nissan has sold about 21,000 Leafs globally, including 9,700 in the U.S. - 09-Jan-2012

Oily Congressman Wants to Eliminate Electric Car Tax Credit
Report reveals that Congressman Mike Kelly owns 'millions of dollars worth of oil company stock.' - 09-Jan-2012

Rorschach, Electric Cars, and Election Year
Will American interest in electric cars be a mirror of their views of politicians and pundits who are both for and against them? - 09-Jan-2012

Irish Blarney and Electric Car Hype
Irish Times takes critical stance on electric cars, writing they aren't dead, but they have to overcome a list of impediments from price to inftrastructure - 09-Jan-2012

Americans Are So Over Electric Cars
Survey finds consumer interest has dropped 8 percent since 2009. - 09-Jan-2012

2011 Electric Car Sales: Flop or Success?
There is a concerted effort to create a perceived reality about the sale of electric vehicles that paints them as a flop, but there is another reality out there, writes David Herron. - 09-Jan-2012

ExxonMobil Sees Hybrid Sales Surge In Coming Decades
Oil giants annual energy report sees half of all cars on the road by 2040 will be low emission. - 09-Jan-2012

India's Hero MotoCorp Announces Hybrid-electric Scooter
Scooter uses series hybrid architecture that uses petrol motor to generate electric power to propel it. - 09-Jan-2012