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Electric Delivery Trucks Make 'Cents'
MIT research suggests that electric delivery trucks can help both the environment and the business bottom line. - 03-Feb-2012

Volt Case Closed, Time to Move Beyond Oil
NRDC's Roland Hwang give his perspective on the Chevy Volt battery fire investigation. - 02-Feb-2012

California's Dreaming?
Rebecca Lindland thinks CARB's new ZEV mandate will force consumers in California, and elsewhere, to buy cars they don't want and/or can't afford. - 02-Feb-2012

Prius Plug-In Beats Chevy Volt in MPGe Game
Toyota claims in both electric mode and hybrid, the Prius PHV offers better overall energy efficiency. - 02-Feb-2012

U.S. Veteran's Affairs Offices Trial Electric Cars
More than 100 electric vehicles are being leased to agencies in Maryland, California, Michigan, and other locations. - 02-Feb-2012

E-Bike Sales Grow in Netherlands
While conventional bike sales declined 3.6 pct in 2011, e-bikes sales climb 7 pct. - 02-Feb-2012

Ener1 Battery Customers Remain Loyal Despite Chapter 11 Filing
EnerDel still has customers for its advanced lithium batteries including Volvo and Waxiang electric cars in China - 02-Feb-2012

Russia Joins the Electric Car Revolution
Revolt building out 2,000 charging station network in major Russian cities including, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Samara and Kaluga. - 02-Feb-2012

Ten Year Horizon for Hybrid and Electric Cars Looks Rosy
IDTechEX forecasts that by 2025, 35 pct of all cars sold will be electric, 25 pct of which will be hybrids and 10 pct pure EVs. - 02-Feb-2012

Electric Cars Pose No Threat to Oil Companies
Oil companies are convinced that most drivers alive today will never buy an electric car in their lifetime. - 02-Feb-2012