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Beyond the Personal Automobile
Dan Sturges looks for sustainable mobility options that reduce or eliminate the need for the personal automobile. - 31-Jan-2012

Consumer Reports Finds Concerns About Plug-In Cars
87 percent of consumers have a concern, with range limitations being chief among them. - 31-Jan-2012

Challenging Times for U.S. Battery Makers
Bottom line: battery makers need to bide their time while market for electric cars gradually builds. - 02-Feb-2012

Xiamen to Require Electric Moped Licensing
Starting March 1, 2012, all electric mopeds must display license plates and riders carry license, both of which will be valid for five years. - 02-Feb-2012

How Gov't Stimulus Revived the Electric Car
How the U.S. federal and state grants and loans helped revive the fortunes of the electric car. - 02-Feb-2012

Protecting Aghanistan's 'Lithium Route'
Spanish and Italian troops are helping protect construction efforts in northeast Afghanistan to enable to export of lithium. - 02-Feb-2012

Hyundai's Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty Has Fine Print
Lifetime warranty on Sonata Hybrid battery is limited to 'original owner.' - 02-Feb-2012

Whatever Happened to GE's Electric Cars?
Fifteen months after GE announced it would purchase 25,000 electric-drive vehicles, including the Chevrolet Volt, it is unclear if they have actually bought any. - 02-Feb-2012

Dan Neil Still Upbeat About Future of Electric Cars
Pulitzer Prize-winning automotive critic tells university audience to not 'dismiss new technology in its emerging state.' - 02-Feb-2012

White House Not Involved in Volt Fire Disclosures
NHTSA's David Strickland tells Congress that White House officials did not ask agency to keep reports of battery fires secret. - 02-Feb-2012