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Fiat Criticized for Missing Electric Car Opportunity
Italy's environment minister Corrado Clini says Fiat management abandoned promising hybrid technology and ignored chance to supply electric components. - 31-Jan-2012

Will More Efficient Gas Engines Doom Hybrids?
According to AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson, approximately 75% of customers ask about hybrids, but only 2.5% end up buying one. - 31-Jan-2012

Ten Reasons Electric Cars Are Stranded on the 'Bleeding Edge'
Uber-EV-critic John Peterson continues his relentless assault on electric vehicles, apparently assuming the status quo will last forever. - 31-Jan-2012

BMW, Tendril to Build Solar Home for Electric Car
San Francisco Bay Area demonstration home will have "smart" thermostats, solar panels and appliances - 31-Jan-2012

Largest Charging Station Opens in Beijing
Gaoantun charging station incorporates 10 types of EV charging or battery swapping machines, covering all charging modes that are available in China. - 31-Jan-2012

Evolution Towards An All-Electric Military
Paul Sterne wants President Obama to announce a plan to create an electric military by 2025. - 31-Jan-2012

Will Zinc Air Batteries May EVs Practical, Affordable?
Frank Sherosky writes that an innovative and cost-effective approach to energy storage is required to enable transition from gasoline to electric cars. - 31-Jan-2012

Hybrids, Electric Cars Face Huddles in Australia
Twice as many Ferraris were sold in Australia in 2011 as electric cars. - 31-Jan-2012

The Coming Boom in E-Cycle Sales
Pike Research sees electric motorcycle sales growing from the 1,310 units sold in 2011 to 32,000 by 2017, writes Althea Chang. - 31-Jan-2012

California Creates Electric Car Loophole
Brad Berman reports on Plug In America's contention that CARB refuses to discuss the loophole in recent regulation that cuts the required number of electric cars in half. - 31-Jan-2012