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Genovation Electric Car Enters Wind Tunnel Stage
Maryland start-up hopes to build cars in two years and sell them for $60,000. - 30-Jan-2012

How the Volt Became a Political Punching Bag
Administration critics seize opportunity to use NHTSA battery fire investigation to beat up on GM and the Obama White House. - 30-Jan-2012

Condo Wants to Unplug Volt Owner
Condo board wants Chevy Volt owner to install his own meter at a cost of $3,000CAD. - 30-Jan-2012

Gen Y'ers Prefer Hybrids Over Plug-In EVs
Deloitte survey cited to show that 18-30 year-olds are comfortable with notion of hybrids that burn gasoline, but not plug-in cars. - 30-Jan-2012

Better Place Chairman Sees Electric Car Tipping Point in 2015
Idan Ofer tells Bloomberg that China will be Better Place's largest market. - 30-Jan-2012

Ballard to Provide Tata with Bus Fuel Cells
Non-binding MOU provides for delivery of 12 FCvelocityTM-1100 fuel cell stacks. - 30-Jan-2012

Pennsylvania Senate Passes NEV Bill
SB52 still needs to be voted on by House, but if passed and signed into law it will allow low speed electric vehicles to operate on Commonwealth streets. - 31-Jan-2012

'Father' of the Volt Takes on the 'Wrong-headed' Right
Former GM Co-Chairman Bob Lutz defends the electric hybrid he helped bring to reality from right-wing critics. - 31-Jan-2012

Ener1 Seeks Reorganization with Stakeholder Support
Dave Herron reports on Ener1 Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, which was partly instigated by heavy investment in Think electric car. - 31-Jan-2012

Odyne Delivers Seven Hybrid Work Trucks
Odyne Systems, LLC hybrid drive anticipated to deliver fuel efficiency over a conventional truck of up to 50% annually. - 31-Jan-2012