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Toyota Debuts TS030 Hybrid Endurance Racer
Drive system incorporates THS-R hybrid that includes 3.4Liter V8 and capacitor energy storage. - 27-Jan-2012

Global Energy: The 300-Year Outlook
Charles Botsford looks at all available conventional sources and concludes that renewables are our only option. - 27-Jan-2012

Ener1 Files for Bankruptcy, Wins $13.5M Interim Financing
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn schedules a Feb. 27 hearing to consider confirming Ener1’s reorganization plan. - 27-Jan-2012

Coda Expects Late February 2012 Sales Launch
Coda has a pending application with the Energy Department under the $25 billion Advanced Technology Vehicle Loan program to develop vehicles in the United States. - 27-Jan-2012

Funding Increased for Electric Scooter Subsidies in Taiwan
A total of 10,100 scooter owners have applied for the subsidy since 2009 - 27-Jan-2012

California Passes New Automobile Emission Rules
California Air Resources Board unanimously approved the new rules that require that one in seven of the new cars sold in the state in 2025 - 27-Jan-2012

Touring Al Ain's Old Souq By Electric Bike
Paolo Rossetti hires a Yamaha Pas (Phoenix) electric-assist to tour the heart of Al Ain's city center in the United Arab Emirates. - 27-Jan-2012

Efficiency Could Cut U.S. Energy Costs Up to $16 Trillion buy 2050
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy report also sees net gain of 2 million jobs. - 30-Jan-2012

California Adapts Nation's Toughest Clean Car Regs
New rules go far beyond the federal mandates by providing a road map for the growth of the electric car industry. - 30-Jan-2012

Elkhart Electric Car Bet Goes Bust
Russian investor who recently purchased Think's bankrupt parent in Norway has been silent about its future. - 30-Jan-2012