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Kansas Considers Special Fee for Electric Cars
HB 2455 received a cool reception during a House Energy and Utilities Committee hearing, and is opposed by General Motors. - 27-Jan-2012

Ireland Uncertain About Hydrogen Future
Inquiries of Irish government agencies reveals little knowledge of or interest in hydrogen transportation future. - 27-Jan-2012

HRT Racing to Use Electric Bikes on F1 Circuit
Yamimoto has become team's 'official supplier of sustainable mobility for 2012', and will design an exclusive electric bicycle for HRT this year. - 27-Jan-2012

Chinese Buyers Prefer Electric Cars to Hybrids
5,655 electric vehicles and 2,713 hybrid vehicles were sold in China in 2011. - 27-Jan-2012

Electric Aircraft Symposium Set for April, 2012
Event slated for April 27-28 in Santa Rosa, California and will include NASA and FAA scientists and manager. - 27-Jan-2012

CityCar Concept Headed to Production
Trial production of 20 Hiriko cars and a pilot program are scheduled to begin next year in Spain’s Basque region. - 27-Jan-2012

E-Motorbike Sales Still Small in Europe
Electric motorbike sales account for less than one percent of overall motorcycle sales in Europe in 2011. - 27-Jan-2012

Agassi Sees Better Place IPO Within Two Years
Better Place founder also sees as many as 10,000 electric cars deployed in Israel and Denmark in 2012. - 27-Jan-2012

The 'Unexpected' Heyday of Lithium-Ion Batteries
The total growth in demand for lithium-ion batteries will be 447 percent during 2011-2015 time period, IDG Energy predicts. - 27-Jan-2012

Mitsubishi Wants to Make Normal, Illinois Electric Car Mecca
Six electric 'i' cars have been delivered to the Illinois town. - 27-Jan-2012