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GM Faces Uphill Climb to Repair Volt Reputation
Consumers, citing price and questions about unproven technology, said they are less likely to be interested in buying a plug-in vehicle. - 26-Jan-2012

Coming: Vehicle Fuel Cell Revolution
Jessica King Holden sees fuel cells eventually solving the problems of battery-powered electric cars. - 26-Jan-2012

How Battery Swapping Could Spell End of Oil
ABC News sees potential of Better Place's battery exchange model to reducing dependence on petroleum. - 26-Jan-2012

What Are Consumer Options for Electric Cars?
Now that NHTSA has stated the Volt is safe and presents no additional fire risk, is should help relieve doubts about it and other electric cars, writes IB Times. - 26-Jan-2012

Electric Elise: German Group Picks Up Where Tesla Left Off
PG and Düsseldorf-based automobile designer Michael Fröhlich use Lotus Elise as platform for a Roadster competitor - 27-Jan-2012

Hertz Launches Municipal Carshare Program in Miami Beach
As soon as the city installs an electric-car charging station at its 13th Street garage, Hertz will also provide at least one all-electric Nissan Leaf. - 27-Jan-2012

Battery Module Market Expected to Reach $47 Billion by 2020
Battery-electric solution will be the recipient of the majority of the production investment during the forecast period. - 27-Jan-2012

Gartner Forecasts 100,000 Electric Car Sales in U.S. in 2012
100,000 is quite a jump from the 18,000 sold in 2011 which included 9,674 Nissan LEAFs, 7,671 Chevrolet Volts, and 655 other plug-in cars. - 27-Jan-2012

GM's Akerson Tells Congress Volt is Safe
By most every measure, the Volt is a 'winner,' says GM CEO Dan Akerson tells House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. - 27-Jan-2012

Fisker Fends Off Criticisms Getting Karmas to Customers
Henrik Fisker describes launching his first car in this environment as 'running over fire while people are whipping you.' - 27-Jan-2012