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Toyota Edges Closer to Neodymium-free Electric Motors
Toyota’s engineers have reached an 'advanced stage' of research on a new 'induction'-type electric motor - 24-Jan-2012

Hybrid Car Future Inevitable
Kirk Spano sees the convergence of oil supply constraints and environmental factors compelling the shift to more efficient vehicles, hybrids in particular. - 24-Jan-2012

Fisker Facing Delivery Problems
Some 1,500 of the Finnish-built Karmas are stuck at sea, stuck in customs or otherwise stuck, removes USA Today - 24-Jan-2012

Nissan Hits 10,000 Sales Mark for LEAF Electric Car in USA
Nissan is selling the Leaf globally, and worldwide sales are well over 20,000 units. - 24-Jan-2012

Gen Y and Great Apps Lead Way to Hybrids, Electric Cars
Deloitte study finds that among Gen Y (18-31yrs) 57% prefer hybrid cars, 2% preferr pure electric cars, and 37% prefer a traditional gasoline driven drive train. - 24-Jan-2012

Tesla Want's Your Next Car To Be Electric
Motley Fool repeats the old argument about buyers shying away from electric cars because of range issues. - 26-Jan-2012

Find Affordable EVs on eBay!
Every now and then, you'll find electric cars like the Toyota RAV4 EV on eBay! - 26-Jan-2012

Plug-In Dakar Off-Road Racer Places in Top 100
Latvian-built OSCar eO was equipped by 52kWh Winston Battery lithium battery pack. - 26-Jan-2012

Volvo Hybrid Bus to Trial in Bangalore
Volvo claims a 35% reduction in fuel consumption and a 40%-50% cut in tail pipe emissions. - 26-Jan-2012

Some Chevy Dealers Rejecting Volt Allotments
Dealer orders are down, GM admits, noting that many have been waiting for a resolution to the NHTSA investigation of battery fires. - 26-Jan-2012