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Toyota Now Recycling All Hybrid Batteries
Dealers sending expended batteries to Kinsbursky Bross for recycling. - 05-Jan-2012

No Immediate Ruling On Peters Vs. Honda
Small Claims Court judge will rule on case brought by Heather Peters, who is suing for $10,000 over her Honda Civic Hybrid. - 05-Jan-2012

GM Announces Structural Enhancements to Chevrolet Volt
Four structural modifications to customer-owned Volts will implemented to improve battery pack resistance to side impact intrusion. - 05-Jan-2012

Electric Cars: Not Ready for Prime Time?
Washington Post, Republican Congressman and KPMG all think cars like the Volt and Leaf shouldn't receive taxpayer support. - 08-Jan-2012

Washington Post Pulls Rug Out from Under Electric Cars
Media Matters is up in arms over Washington Post's editorial calling for end of federal tax credit on electric-drive vehicles. - 08-Jan-2012

Why Are So Many Critical of 17,000 Electric Car Sales?
Rocky Mountain Institute response to criticism of electric cars and attempts to thwart their introduction. - 08-Jan-2012

GM Engineers Volt Battery Reinforcement
Trio of safety systems engineered to prevent battery pack penetration and coolant leakage in crash. - 08-Jan-2012

Tata to Debut Electric Car Concept in Detroit
Emo is designed to pass all US crash safety standards, indicating that the company aims to eventually offer it in North America. - 08-Jan-2012

Global Auto Execs See Long Road Ahead for EV Market Growth
Companies expect to continue investment in electric vehicle technology, though no clear winner seen yet. - 08-Jan-2012

A123 to Supply Lithium Ion Batteries to VIA Motors
A123 has 22 transportation programs under signed contracts with automakers including GM and SAIC Motor Corp. - 08-Jan-2012