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Wash Post Calls for End of Federal Electric Car Tax Credit
Washington Post editorial board thinks President Obama was 'overly optimistic to pledge that there would be 1 million EVs on the road by 2015.' - 03-Jan-2012

Electric Car Range Anxiety No Big Deal
Electric car manufacturers are discovering that drivers know the limits of their vehicles. - 03-Jan-2012

Frito-Lay to Deploy Ten Electric Trucks in Orlando
In total, Frito-Lay will deploy 176 electric trucks this year in the U.S. and Canada, making Frito-Lay the largest commercial fleet of all-electric trucks in North America. - 03-Jan-2012

DOE Awards Delta $2M for Charge Station Research
Funds will be used to develop develop residential electric vehicle chargers which are cost-effective and can be connected to smart grids. - 04-Jan-2012

Revving Up Electric Cars in 2012 and Beyond
Yoni Cohen report on the state of the EV industry moving forward. - 04-Jan-2012

Finnish Taxi Operator Goes Electric
Seppo Rosvall is finding the Nissan LEAF can operate 100 km on 1.5 Euros of electricity. - 04-Jan-2012

In First Year, Electric Car Sales Coming Up Short
That's what Detroit Bureau's Paul Eisenstein sees as the lesson from 2011. - 04-Jan-2012

Study Finds CAFE Loophole Encourages Bigger Vehicles
University of Michigan study illustrates that there may be a substantial financial incentive to produce larger vehicles, defeating purpose of the policy. - 04-Jan-2012

2011 Volt Sales Miss 10,000 Car Target
The company reported today that it sold 7,671 Chevy Volts in 2011, with 1,500 sold in December, its best month to date. - 05-Jan-2012

Removing Range Anxiety from the Electric Vehicle Equation
OLEV Technologies will test its wireless charging technology in McAllen, Texas. - 05-Jan-2012