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Ford Claims Its Electric Car Charger Better Than Nissan's
240-volt home unit priced $700 less than Nissan's and capable of full recharge in half time of LEAF. - 12-Jan-2011

IBM Study Finds Electric Cars Pique Interest, Face Obstacles
Nearly 20% of surveyed drivers would be interested in buying an electric car. - 12-Jan-2011

Mercedes Debutes All-electric E-Cell Supercar
The gullwing with electric drive is part of the company strategy entitled 'AMG Performance 2015.' - 12-Jan-2011

Li-ion Premiers Pair of Electric Vehicles In Detroit
Company now taking advanced deposits on WAVE II and INIZIO electric sports car. - 13-Jan-2011

Social Media: New Medium for Marketing 'Green' Cars
Green car makers are using the Internet to get out their message. - 12-Jan-2011

Tesla Confirms 2012 Delivery Date for Model S Electric Sedan
Alpha phase testing will commence in 2011 and include brakes, suspension, driving dynamics, fit and finish, and safety requirements. - 12-Jan-2011

Tesla-Developed Batteries for RAV4 EV Could Drive Down Costs
Company estimates cost of battery backs could be one-third that of systems being developed by other electric car manufacturers. - 12-Jan-2011

Ford Electrifies Its New C-Max Vehicle Family
Company to offer three types of electric-drive powertrains from hybrid to all-electric. - 12-Jan-2011

Toyota Researching Magnesium for Next Battery Beyond Lithium
Ann Arbor technical center woking on magnesium-sulfur in complement with other chemistries being investigated in Japan. - 14-Jan-2011

Toyota to Commence Lithium Battery Production This Fall
Nikkei reports first-ever production of lithium batteries for its Prius electric hybrid will take place at Aichi Prefecture plant. - 14-Jan-2011