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Paranoid Not a Bad Thing for GM's Akerson
Detroit Free Press profile of GM's new CEO and President Dan Akerson, who's asked other executives to read 'Only the Paranoid Survive.' - 09-Jan-2011

Nissan LEAF Customers Said to be Growing Impatient
25,000 of the electric cars set for 2011 production will be shared with U.S.,Europe and Japan markets. - 09-Jan-2011

Auto Execs Who Are 'Plugging In' Their Companies
Eric Love lists key automotive industry executives behind the wave of electric-drive vehicles emerging onto the market. - 12-Jan-2011

GM Plans Two More Electric Hybrids
New models will include a small minivan-like vehicle and Cadillac SXR. - 12-Jan-2011

Utility Maps City for Electric Car Charging Clusters
Nashville Electric Service maps cities likely hotspots for electric car recharging. - 12-Jan-2011

Prius Goes Plural with Two New Models
Prius 'family' will include Prius v midsize hybrid-electric vehicle and the Prius c Concept vehicle. - 12-Jan-2011

Chevrolet Volt Wins North American Car of the Year
Innovative electric hybrid already received six previous engineering awards. - 12-Jan-2011

Johnson Controls Unveils ie:3 Electric Concept Car
The ie:3 features the debut of Johnson Controls-Saft's next-generation, low-profile lithium-ion battery pack. - 12-Jan-2011

Mercedes-Benz Sends Fuel Cell Car on World Drive
125 day journey will encompass four continents and variety of climate zones and driving conditions - 12-Jan-2011

BYD to Introduce Two Electric Models in US Market
Lineup will include the F3DM, the world's first mass-produced plug-in hybrid sedan, and the battery-powered e6 - 12-Jan-2011