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Audi, Ford, GM Electric Vehicles 'Charge Up' Consumer Electronics Show
Auto manufacturers have begun the invasion of the annual Consumer Electronics Show as their electric vehicles boost innovative computer and communications technology. - 09-Jan-2011

Battery Spy Scandal Revealed No 'Critical' Information, Says Renault
'Not the smallest nugget of technical or strategic information... has filtered out of the enterprise,' says French carmaker. - 09-Jan-2011

U.S. EIA Sees Fossil Fuel Dominance Through 2035
Percentages of overall energy mix remain static or decline gradually as more renewables come on online. - 09-Jan-2011

2017 U.S. Fuel Economy Goals Called 'Ambitious' By GM CEO
Proposed fuel economy rules would equate to a fleetwide average of 47 mpg in 2017 and 62 mpg by 2025.. - 09-Jan-2011

Malaysian University Researchers Developing Supercapacitors for Transportation
The University of Nottingham’s Malaysia Campus launches plant to develop supercapacitors under brand name Enerstora. - 09-Jan-2011

China Plans More Electric Car Charging Stations for Beijing, Other Cities
State Grid Corp. of China will build a network of charging stations in Beijing, Tianjin, Hefei and Nanchang this year. - 09-Jan-2011

GM's EN-V: Urban Electric Commuter of the Future
Concept vehicle has top speed of 25 mph and range of 25 miles on lithium-ion batteries. - 09-Jan-2011

OPED: Why Are We Subsidizing Luxury Instead of Efficiency?
Editorial by Tampa Bay Tribune questions tax credits for government-approved technology. - 09-Jan-2011

Why Electric Cars Will Never Become A Popular Phenomenon
Kurt Cobb sees obstacles to widespread acceptance and urges we rid ourselves of our ruinous car culture. - 09-Jan-2011

BBC Reporter Attempts London-to-Edinburgh by Electric Car
Brian Milligan attempts to drive an electric Mini from London to Scotland, using only public charge points. - 09-Jan-2011