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Ford CEO to Unveil Focus Electric at CES
The new Focus Electric is the company’s first global electric production car and one of a family of five electrified vehicles - 06-Jan-2011

Ford Previews 'Flagship' Ford Focus Electric Car
The Focus Electric to launch in 2011 and is designed to offer enough range to cover the majority of daily driving habits of Americans, say Ford. - 08-Jan-2011

Ford, Best Buy to Offer Home Charging Station for Electric Cars
Geek Squad agent will conduct a quick electrical audit to ensure the residence can support the 240-volt charging station. - 08-Jan-2011

Renault Executives Suspected of Leaking Secret Battery Blueprints
Le Figaro reports France's DCRI investigating possible link to Chinese industrial espionage. - 08-Jan-2011

Ford's CEO Mulally Launches New Electric Car Era with a Kiss
The Focus Electric, which has a targeted range of 100 miles on a single charge, is Ford's answer to the growing field of electric cars on the market. - 09-Jan-2011

Only One-in-Five Americans 'Very Familiar' with Alt-Fuel Vehicles, Study Finds
Maritz Research survey of 1,207 American drivers finds growing awareness, but still sizable knowledge gap in alternative fuel vehicle options. - 09-Jan-2011

XL Hybrids Converts Town Cars Into More Efficient Hybrids
Somerville, MA. company’s pilot vehicles have been demonstrating a 10 to 15 percent savings in fuel costs. - 09-Jan-2011

Reviewing Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell B-Class
Andrew English reveiws progress at Mercedes-Benz from the first Necar fuel cell vehicles to its latest hydrogen-powered B-Class sedan. - 09-Jan-2011

Auto Execs: Future of Industry is 'Low Emission' Cars
KPMG survey of 200 auto executives finds 93% see development of electric vehicles as 'vital'. - 09-Jan-2011

BC Startup Develops Lithium Battery Systems for Marine Vessels
Corvus utilizes Dow Kokam cells for in hybrid systems for tugboats, yachts and ferries. - 09-Jan-2011