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India's EXIM Bank Funds Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles
Equivalent to US$11M in funds to be used to upgrade its existing EV models and launch new EV models with increased range, speed, safety and other features. - 05-Jan-2011

My New Year Resolution: Buy an Electric Car
Philip Reed, Edmunds.com senior consumer advice editor, shares his thoughts on why he wants to 'go electric' in 2011. - 05-Jan-2011

UK Firm Develops 3-Speed Transmission for Electric Cars
Multi-speed transmission allows electric motor to operate in its most efficient range, Antonov contends. - 05-Jan-2011

Audi, VW Debating Over Electric Vehicle Rollouts
Vehicle in question is A1 E-tron, considered a 'near-series produciton' vehicle. - 05-Jan-2011

Mercedes-Benz Developing Electric Car Competitor to BMW's MegaCity Program
Dubbed the 'Mega City Mobility', car believed to be based on co-developed Smart ForFour and Nissan V-platform. - 05-Jan-2011

Vehicle Electrification Offers Too Much Promise to Ignore
Opinion piece argues that despite U.S. gov't subsidies, the value to reducing America's $1 trillion oil dependency is worth it. - 05-Jan-2011

Smith Electric Introduces Alke Electric Utility Vehicle
Battery-electric Alke ATX can now come equipped with factory-fitted snowplow and salt-spreader. - 05-Jan-2011

U.S. Held Hostage By Rare Earth and Lithium Controlling Nations
William Jasper critical of Obama Administration over electric vehicle commitment and their need for lithium and rare earth elements, controlled by other nations. - 05-Jan-2011

Japanesse Prefecture Seeking to Become Fuel Cell 'Silicon Valley'
Yamanashi prefecture would allow fuel-cell vehicles to be charged on public highways and expressway services, which is currently banned in Japan. - 05-Jan-2011

GM, Nissan End-of-Year Electric Car Sales Reported
Both companies report their first-year production already is sold out. - 05-Jan-2011