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Portugal Takes Delivery of First 10 Nissan Electric Cars
Prime Minister José Socrates is one of the ten recipients. - 05-Jan-2011

India's Tata, MIT Partner on Hydrogen-from-Water Research
Besides investing $15 million for hydrogen research, company has also invested in MDI's air car. - 04-Jan-2011

UK's Spencer Ivy Release Electric Bike Buyer's Guide
UK Gov't Cycle to Work scheme can help buyers save up to 50% off the purchase price of electric-assist bicycles. - 04-Jan-2011

First Hydrogen Ferry to Cruise Waters of New York Harbor
The 600 passenger Hornblower Hybrid will typically be propelled by hydrogen fuel cells. - 04-Jan-2011

Diary of a Nissan LEAF Commuter
Sue Callaway shares her experiences with Nissan's electric car. - 04-Jan-2011

U.S. Gov't Seeking Funds to Extend Aerovironment Global Observer Program
Hybrid-electric unmanned aircraft designed to remain airborne for five to seven days above 55,000ft. - 05-Jan-2011

Las Vegas Police Gifted Seven Vectrix Electric Maxiscooters.
The motorcycles, made by Vectrix Electronics, are marketed mainly to law enforcement agencies and sell for about $10,000 each. - 05-Jan-2011

Report: 27 Million Electric Bicycles Sold in 2010
Market seen growing to 130 million light electric vehicles by 2025. - 05-Jan-2011

Five Things to Expect from Electric Vehicles in 2011
Heather Clancy's take on the predictions of Pike Research on how American's are likely to adapt to electric vehicles. - 05-Jan-2011

2011: Time to 'Put-Up-Or-Shut-Up' for Electric Fleet Vehicles
Fleets operations seen as crucial test for electric vehicles in 2011, reports Pike Research. - 05-Jan-2011