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Buffalo Wild Wings to Offer Electric Car Charging
Buffalo Wild Wings to Offer Electric Car Charging - 03-Feb-2011

Think Expands Role of City Electric Car Into Delivery Van Market
THINK City N1 carries goods up to a maximum 237 kilograms and 700-litres in volume, and will be followed by Compact van with 900 litres capacity. - 03-Feb-2011

Cisco Home Energy Controller to Now Managing EV Home Charging
Homeowners will be able to control ECOtality Blink Level 2 chargers from Cisco's touchscreen controller. - 03-Feb-2011

Fatal Flaw? Electric Cars and Snowstorms?
Audrey Jones offers conservative Heritage Foundation critique of Obama Administration's support for battery electric cars. - 03-Feb-2011

Hybrid Market Forecast to Grow 18%
Hybrid and electric vehicle market to grow from $26billion in 2009 to $78billion by 2015. - 03-Feb-2011

Are Electric Cars Still Over the Horizon Or Just Down the Road?
Michael Balchunas reports on the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in Pasadena, Calif. - 03-Feb-2011

350Green Plans National Electric Car Charging Network
Group aims to provide electric vehicle charging stations for owners without access to personal garages or home charging. - 03-Feb-2011

Batteries That Breathe Air
Neil Savage looks at the progress towards lithium-air batteries that could have 10-times the energy density of conventional lithium batteries. - 03-Feb-2011

Mitsubishi Reported to be Sending i-MiEV Electric Cars to Russia
Cars being imported as part of trial to see how electric cars perform in Russian winters. - 03-Feb-2011

San Diego Gets 'EV Ready'
Smart City San Diego aims to improve the region's energy independence, empower consumers to adopt electric vehicles, drive economic growth, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. - 03-Feb-2011