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Cruising California in a Nissan Leaf
Andrea Sachs puts 400+ miles on electric car in drive around Los Angeles region. - 31-Jan-2011

Philippine Groups Collaborate to Promote EV Industry
Aim of program is to promote development of local electric vehicle suppliers and manufacturers. - 31-Jan-2011

Altair Nano Visibility Rises with Secretary LaHood Tour
Altair Nanotechnologies provides advanced lithium batteries for Proterra electric transit buses. - 31-Jan-2011

Multiple States Offer EV Incentives in America
Incentives range from tax credits and rebates to car pool lane access. - 31-Jan-2011

Rhode Island Gets Ready for Electric Vehicles
More than a dozen companies, individuals, and organizations have now pledged to support installation of charging stations across Rhode Island by end of 2011. - 31-Jan-2011

Boston-Power Appoints New CEO
Lithium battery maker Boston-Power customers include HP, Saab, Asus and NASA - 03-Feb-2011

McKinsey Quarterly Sees 'Fast Lane' for Electric Car Deployment
Large cities projected to be 'ideal' test track for introduction of electric vehicles in 2015 time frame. - 03-Feb-2011

Leo Motors Agrees to Co-develop E-Scooters in Brazil
Electric version of Smart 125 scooter would be sold through DAFRA's 300 sales outlets. - 03-Feb-2011

Groups Seek Global EV Standards
IEC proposal standards for EV charging agreed upon by major industry stakeholders at Washington, D.C. meeting in January. - 03-Feb-2011

The Coming Electric Car 'Explosion'
Mike Cote sees the growth of the electric-drive vehicle market driven largely by the price of gasoline. - 03-Feb-2011