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German Gov't Urged to Help Fund Electric Car Purchases
Daimler chief Dieter Zetsche wants direct purchase funding to keep German carmakers technologically competitive. - 31-Jan-2011

It's Time to Go Electric
IBM study finds 20% of people surveyed would be interested in buying an electric car. - 31-Jan-2011

Skeptical Nissan Dealer Becomes Electric Car Convert
Northern California dealer speaks out on his interest in selling the LEAF electric car. - 31-Jan-2011

1000th Freightliner Hybrid-Electric Produced
Business Class M2 hybrid drive supplied by Eaton Corporation. - 31-Jan-2011

How Will White House Reach 1 Million Electric Cars By 2015?
Plan includes rebates, investments, and rewards to bolster electric-drive autos. - 31-Jan-2011

Chicago Parking Garages Offering Electric Car Charging
Twelve InterPark garages now offer electric car charging stations. - 31-Jan-2011

Electric Triac Nearing Production
Green Vehicles hopes to sell 15,000 cars a year by 2015. - 31-Jan-2011

Electric Car Visionary Sees Global Shift to EVs
By 2020, more people will be buying electric cars than gasoline models, predicts Better Place founder Shai Agassi. - 31-Jan-2011

Electric Cars: Opportunity of Which Decade?
John Petersen sees the possibility of 2020-2030 time frame as the 'golden age' for plug-in electric vehicles. - 31-Jan-2011

Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Cars Start World Drive
Trio of B-Class start 18,600 miles journey across four continents. - 31-Jan-2011