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UK Insurance Survey Finds Growing Interest in Electric Vehicles
Results of 400-person survey represents a five-fold increase since July last year when the result was nine percent. - 27-Jan-2011

GM to Sell Volt in Every U.S. State by End of 2011
Ed Welburn notes that GM has 300,000 'handraisers' interested in the Volt, so it will accelerate its deployment plan to all interested Chevrolet dealers in the United States. - 27-Jan-2011

The Shocking Truth About the Electric Volt
Washington Post's award winning humorist Gene Weingarten shares his riotously funny spin on Chevy's Volt. - 30-Jan-2011

SMART Sites to Use Solar Electricity to Charge Electric Cars
TVA plans to install 125 charging points in three Tennessee communities. - 31-Jan-2011

Smart Electric Car Lease Comes with Hefty Price Tag
Company notes that its electric car is still a prototype in development, unlike Nissan LEAF. - 31-Jan-2011

Chevrolet Volt Is A Success
Mark Phelan sees it as solving the shortcomings of previous electric car programs. - 31-Jan-2011

Tesla-Developed Electric RAV4 Sends a Jolt Through Toyota
Use of Tesla's technology and shift of engineering development to Toyota Technical Center USA in Michigan mark 'seismic' shift for Japan's largest carmaker. - 31-Jan-2011

White House Proposal Would Provide Instant $7500 Rebate on Electric Vehicles
Plan would also include $200 million grant program for electric car charging infrastructure. - 31-Jan-2011

Belgian Firm to Recycle Tesla Electric Car Batteries
Umicore will transform the cobalt into high grade lithium cobalt oxide, which can be resold to battery manufacturers. - 31-Jan-2011

Electrovaya Shares Rise on Chrysler Truck Demo
Shares of EFL.TO rose 19 percent as battery system showcased at Washington,D.C. auto show. - 31-Jan-2011