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Will Electric Cars Benefit From Presidential Clout?
President Obama challenges the nation to be first to put 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015 - 27-Jan-2011

US VP Biden Presents Plan to Achieve 1 Million Electric Cars by 2015
Vice President Biden tours EnerDel battery plant to highlight Obama Administration electric car plan. - 27-Jan-2011

Warehouse Blaze Destroys Record-Claiming Electric Car
DBM Energy's Audi A2 electric car conversion claimed to drive nonstop more than 370 miles in 2010. - 27-Jan-2011

SIM-Drive Partners with PSA, Bosch on Second Eliica Prototype
The new prototype will be based on SIM-Drive technology for in-wheel motors - 27-Jan-2011

Progress Continues Apace on Nissan's US Electric Car Battery Plant
All-electric Nissan LEAF will be built at Smyrna assembly facility beginning in 2012. - 27-Jan-2011

Scaling to 1 Million EVs Will Be Huge Undertaking
Alexis Madrigal, a senior editor at The Atlantic, plots the logarithmic scale of reaching President Obama's 1 million electric vehicle goal by 2015. - 27-Jan-2011

Electric Vehicles Get EDTA Action Plan
Seventy-three percent of the light duty fleet can be fueled from the electricity without any generating capacity. - 27-Jan-2011

GM Ventures Makes Strategic Investment in Envia Systems
$7 million investment gives carmaker access to advanced lithium-ion cathode technology. - 27-Jan-2011

Advanced Battery Industry Reaching Critical Mass in Michigan
A quick survey of about a dozen Michigan battery companies found that together their headcounts may be somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000, with more jobs coming. - 27-Jan-2011

Dow Kokam Powers White Zombie Electric Drag Racer
John 'Plasmaboy' Wayland's 1972 Datsun featured at Portland, Oregon Auto Show. - 27-Jan-2011