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First Impressions of BYD F3DM Electric Hybrid
Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles (HACLA) inspector Luisito Bacierto shares his experiences with China-made plug-in hybrid. - 26-Jan-2011

Zero Motorcycles Builds New Production Facility
The new facility will bring Zero’s total production space to 34,000 square feet. - 26-Jan-2011

Electrovaya, India's Tata In Electric Car Battery Talks
Talks said to include possible setting up battery production plants around the world. - 26-Jan-2011

Balqon Receives Order for 300 Electric Drive Systems
Winston Global Energy will integrate Balqon's electric drive systems into a fleet of buses ranging in size from 15 to 40 passenger capacity - 26-Jan-2011

Elon Musk Predicts All Cars Will Be Electric By 2030
Head of Tesla Motors also sees 'dirt cheap' battery packs for electric cars by 2012. - 26-Jan-2011

New Survey Finds 27 Percent 'Likely' to Buy Electric Vehicle in Next Decade
Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds 64 percent not likely to buy an electric car. - 26-Jan-2011

Ford Sustainability Plan Sees Ramp Up of Electric Vehicles Decade Away
Volume expansion of hybrid technologies to occur over 2020-2030 time frame. - 26-Jan-2011

Pininfarina Debuts Nido Electric Car at Qatar Motor Show
Nido is a two-seater city car that holds and protects its passengers by means of three main elements. - 27-Jan-2011

Ram Electric Hybrid Powered by Electrovaya Batteries
Chrysler’s Ram Truck equipped with Electrovaya's 12 kWh Lithium Ion battery is being showcased at the Washington D.C. Auto Show - 27-Jan-2011

TVA, EPRI Demonstrate Solar-powered EV Charge Station
System features 12kW solar panels, 5kWh of battery storage backup and can service six parked vehicles. - 27-Jan-2011