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BYD's Electric Vehicles Could Be Cars of the Future
Despite selling half-a-million cars in 2010, BYD only managed to place a few hundred of its electric models, notes Canadian journalist Peter Gorrie. - 25-Jan-2011

Deloitte Researcher Sees Slow Adoption of Electric Cars
While 2011 will see excitement build around early adopters of electric cars, the larger market will be harder to convince. - 25-Jan-2011

Daimler Puts Hybrids on Production 'Fast Track'
Automaker plans on launching C- and E-Class hybrids, along with an S-Class plug-in hybrid, within the next three years. - 25-Jan-2011

Reliant Energy Customers First to Take Delivery of Nissan LEAF
Electric car will be charged using Reliant Energy Electric Vehicle (EV) Owner’s plan with e-SenseTM Time-of-Use. - 26-Jan-2011

Advanced Technologies, Alt Fuels Needed to Meet America's Energy Goals
Association of Global Automakers state they prefer the 'market place' to decide winners and losers, not government. - 26-Jan-2011

European Transport Could Be Petroleum-Free by 2050
Expected oil depletion by 2050 seen driving shift to substitution. - 26-Jan-2011

ZAP Completes Acquisition of Majority Shares of China Car Maker
Company raises US$36 million to complete acquisition of 51 percent of Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co. Ltd. - 26-Jan-2011

EDTA Applauds President Obama's Support for Electric Vehicles in State of Union Address
Official statement by Electric Drive Transportation Association President Brian Wynne - 26-Jan-2011

A Tale of Two Would-Be Electric Vehicle Cities
BBC commentator Peter Day compares bicycle-dominated Amsterdam to Shenzhen, China, home of electric carmaker BYD. - 26-Jan-2011

Volkwagen Reveals Super-efficient XL-1 at Qatar Motor Show
Advanced plug-in hybrid drivetrain enables equivalent to 313 mpg. - 26-Jan-2011