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British Motorist Interest Electric Cars Revs Up
In five months from July to December 2010 survey respondents' interest in e-car purchase increased to 53 percent with introduction of gov't grant program. - 25-Jan-2011

Chery Electric Cars to Go on Sale in China This Year
Company set global sales goal for all models, gasoline and electric-drive, at 800,000. - 25-Jan-2011

Electricians Excited About Introduction of Electric Cars
100 electricians turn out for seminar on Leviton electric car charge stations, which Ford will use for its EVs. - 25-Jan-2011

Nissan Sees Full LEAF Production by March
Oppama factory production to reach 4,000 units a month, with goal by end of month at 10,000 of the electric cars. - 25-Jan-2011

Desert Treat: Test Driving Mercedes' Electric Cars
Timothy Hurst attends the WFES 2011 conference in Abu Dhabi. - 25-Jan-2011

Cars Like Chevy's Volt Are the Future of the Auto Industry
Experts are sure that despite any potential hiccups, the future belongs to cars like Chevy Volt and they are here to stay, writes Naveen Kar. - 25-Jan-2011

U.S., California Jointly Seek Higher Fuel Economy Standards
New standards will include greenhouse gases and cover cars and light-duty trucks from 2017-2025. - 25-Jan-2011

Electric Cars Race Ahead of Policy, Infrastructure
Summary of MIT-sponsored symposium on the electrification of America's transportation system. - 25-Jan-2011

Education, Public-Private Partnerships Key to Electric Car Era
Industry Week report on EDTA 'Driving Forward: An Action Plan for the Electric-Drive Era.' - 25-Jan-2011

Just Building Electric Cars Isn't Enough
IBM Institute for Business Value's Kal Gyimesi urges development of both infrastructure and business models to support rollout of electric cars. - 25-Jan-2011