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Plan to Build Electric Cars in Iowa Fizzles
Officials at Envision Motor Co. of Ames say they now plan to build its cars outside the state. - 24-Jan-2011

Electric Vehicles Will Become As Popular As iPhones
Examples of steady price drops seen in flat screen TVs and smart phones over the last ten years, contends Henrik Fisker, creator of the Fisker Karma. - 24-Jan-2011

Mazda Joins the Electric Car Race
Vehicles expected to have range of up to 120 mile and will be leased to government bodies and fleets customers. - 24-Jan-2011

Demand for Chevy Volt Looks Good
Chevy dealers in Texas will get 4-5 units in latter half of the year. - 24-Jan-2011

Nissan LEAF: Automobile of the Future
Auto Channel review of LEAF electric car, includes video. - 24-Jan-2011

What You Need to Know About Electric Car Batteries
Temperature and rate of charge impact the useful life of batteries, EPRI expert explains. - 24-Jan-2011

Electric Cars Could Be In Showrooms Sooner Than Expected
UK investment advisory's Vision 2011 sees 'A future of electric-powered, urban vehicles which are networked to the surrounding environment...' - 24-Jan-2011

British Motor Industry Apathetic About Electric Cars
Electric car revolution is unlikely to get out of first gear any time in the near future, motor dealers in Britain have warned. - 24-Jan-2011

GM Has Marketing Task Ahead for Chevy Volt
Lancing State Journal talks with Volt marketing director, Tony DiSalle. - 24-Jan-2011

Plug-In Prius Prototype Has Room for Improvement
Irish journalist gets to test Prius PHV electric hybrid, but is disappointed by its 'miniscule' electric range. - 24-Jan-2011