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7 Must-Read Fuel Saving Tips from South Africa
Petrol (gasoline) prices in South Africa are set to take a big jump this month, but their Energy Department provides 7 tips to save fuel. - 04-Jan-2011

Consumer Fuel Consumption Drops in Iran with End of Subsidy
Iranians are consuming 20 percent less fuel since the government began slashing energy and food subsidies earlier this month. - 05-Jan-2011

Chevy Unveils New Electric Hybrid
Report on delivery and sales of first Volts through Southern California dealerships. - 04-Jan-2011

Toyota Prius Sales in Japan Sets Record in 2010
Toyota Motor Corp sold more than 315,000 units of its Prius gas-electric hybrid in Japan in 2010 - 04-Jan-2011

First To Sixty: Driving 'Never Satisfied'
Don Sherman drives replica of Camille Jenatzy's La Jamais Contente, the first vehicle to travel faster than 100km/hr - 04-Jan-2011

Ener1 to Raise $25m to Expand US Production
U.S. battery manufacturer also has $40 million deal in place to supply energy storage batteries for the Russian Federal Grid Company. - 04-Jan-2011

Ford to Rollout Updated Focus Electric Car
Electric Focus is believed to have range of 100 miles, comparable to Nissan's LEAF electric car. - 04-Jan-2011

Yahama JV to Produce Light Electric Scooters in Taiwan
Taiwan becoming center for electric motorscooter production. - 04-Jan-2011

BMW Electric Hybrid to be Priced a $200,000
Vision Efficient Dynamic said to have top speed of 155 mph and 0-62 mph acceleration in 4.8 seconds. - 04-Jan-2011

2011: Year of the Electric Car
Besides GM and Nissan, prestige car companies such as Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Jaguar, Audi and more are all now fully charged up with electric car one-upmanship. - 04-Jan-2011