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Rent a Tesla Roadster for $25 a Day or Hour?
Start-up Getaround working with Tesla to offer rentals of $100,000 electric car, but report offers conflicting accounts rate. - 24-Jan-2011

Is the Developing World Ready for Electric Car Boom?
Seth Fletcher reports from Lithium Supply and Markets conference on views of two 'camps' of speakers. - 24-Jan-2011

CODA Electric Car: Example of US-China Energy Cooperation
Policy Fellow Elizabeth Campbell examines the case of CODA Automotive as an example of Sino-US cooperation. - 24-Jan-2011

Hyundai Prices Sonata Hybrid in Canada at $29,999
Canadian pricing higher than early announced US pricing of under $26k. - 24-Jan-2011

Electric Car's Computer Code Becoming Very Valuable Asset
The Chevy Volt has more lines of computer code, according to IBM, than the Boeing Dreamliner. - 24-Jan-2011

Why Honda's New Civic Hybrid Will Use Lithium Batteries
Honda NiMH hybrid batteries have had higher customer complaint rate than competitors, contends Hybrid Cars. - 24-Jan-2011

NREL Studies Climate Control System Impact on Plug-In Vehicles
Preconditioning battery pack can partially restore lost range by up to 19%. - 24-Jan-2011

BYD, Daimler Agree on Design Elements for New Electric Car
Development will be completed by 2012 with sales in China starting in 2012. - 24-Jan-2011

Electric Car Chargers Being Installed in Phoenix
Phoenix area locations include downtown sites, 15 to 20 city-owned buildings and some Best Buy stores. - 24-Jan-2011

AC Propulsion E-Motors: Rare Earth Elements-free
ACP's induction motors power the BMW MINI E, the Peraves MonoTracer E, and the Tesla Roadster. - 24-Jan-2011