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Washington State Couple 'Turn Over New Leaf' with Nissan Electric Car
The VanDerHydes of Seattle decided to buy the car even before driving it. - 21-Jan-2011

Chrysler Developing Both Electric and Hydraulic Hybrids
First electric car will be Fiat 500 slated to go on sale in 2012. - 21-Jan-2011

Electric Cars: One Size Doesn't Fit All
Martin LaMonica reports on Electric Drive Transportation Association teleconference on electric car batteries. - 24-Jan-2011

GM Planning to Double Chevy Volt Production Capacity for 2012
Capacity reported to increase to 120,000 units annually, with 2011 production to increase to 25,000. - 24-Jan-2011

Electric Cars and Safety
ABC News report on safest cars of 2011 includes look at Tesla Model S. - 24-Jan-2011

Nissan LEAF: The People's Electric Car
Jerry Garrett writes about his extended test drive of Nissan's electric car. - 24-Jan-2011

Cybersecurity Forgotten in Rush to Rollout Electric Cars?
Pike Research report looks at question of securing electric cars against cyber attack. - 24-Jan-2011

Indian EV Market to Benefit from New Lithium Battery Technology
Epoch Power Group is introducing a new fast-charging Lithium Composite Phosphate (LCP) battery technology to Indian automotive companies. - 24-Jan-2011

EDTA Announces Action Plan to Drive Electric Vehicles Forward
EDTA plan details the policies that the U.S. needs to keep advancing electric-drive vehicle technology. - 24-Jan-2011

Electric Car Crash Tests Aim to Reassure Buyers
Volvo, Mitsubishi and Gordon Murray release crash test data to prove safety of their designs and battery packs. - 24-Jan-2011