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Chrysler, Eaton and EPA Collaborating on Hydraulic Hybrid
System developed by Eaton Corp. for heavy work trucks being examined for use in upcoming Chrysler minivan program. - 20-Jan-2011

Driving Toyota's Prius PHV Electric Hybrid
Winding Road takes electric hybrid version of the Prius finding that it makes 'sense for commuters that can take advantage of its abilities.' - 21-Jan-2011

Mitsubishi's Jump 2013 Plan Includes Launch of Eight e-Drive Models
Models launches by 2015 include hybrids, plug-in and battery electric versions. - 21-Jan-2011

Fisker Dealer Confirms Karma Production to Start in March 2011
$95,600 electric hybrid sport coupe will have all-electric range of 50 miles. - 21-Jan-2011

Toyota Studying Feasibility of Prius-based Pickup
A-BAT concept could find expression as part of the new Prius 'family' of hybrids. - 21-Jan-2011

Wait Times on Electric Cars Getting Stretched
GM sees customer wait times being 2-4 months, while Nissan acknowledges giving prospective buyers overoptimistic delivery-time estimates. - 21-Jan-2011

Tesla to Unveil Electric SUV, $30K 'Mainstream' Car This Year
Announcements at Cleantech Investor Summit viewed as aggressive. - 21-Jan-2011

BMW Documentaries to Explore 'Future of Mobility'
Germany company plans to use Internet-based films to introduce people to its next generation electric car, the ActiveE - 21-Jan-2011

Ford's New Focus EV Boosts Eco-Friendly Features
Besides being electrically-driven, the Focus electric incorporates recycled and renewable materials. - 21-Jan-2011

Time for BYD to Deliver
Globe and Mail columnist Michael Vaughn wonders when Chinese carmaker bothers to show up in Detroit. - 21-Jan-2011