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The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars
Bank Rate's take on the supposed pros and cons of electric cars with the cons clearly weighted against the pros. - 20-Jan-2011

Corporate Fleets: An Unlikely Engine for EV Sales
Peter Fairley finds corporate fleets technology 'laggards' and not likely to adopt electric vehicles to their operations. - 20-Jan-2011

Ford Not Interested in Better Place's Battery Switching Technology
Automakers would have to agree to make their electric cars compatible with Better Place's robotic charging stations, an unlikely strategic move. - 21-Jan-2011

$100B Global Electric, Hybrid Vehicle Market Projected by 2015
Beijing-Taiwan Science and Technology Forum projects 4-5 million units built in 2014-215. - 20-Jan-2011

Japanese Firms Plan Member-based Electric Car Charging Network
Partners in the scheme include Sumitomo, Nissan and NEC, which plans to also resell, refabricate and recycle electric car batteries. - 20-Jan-2011

First Generation Prius Still 'Young' After 206,000 Miles
Consumer Reports borrows 2002 model and finds its performance similar to new when it was new. - 20-Jan-2011

Ford v Nissan in Electric Car 'War of Words'
Car makers touting their respective electric car battery pack recharge times. - 21-Jan-2011

Prius Best Selling Toyota Model in Japan in 2010
Company sells 315,000 units, besting Corolla for first time in 20 years. - 20-Jan-2011

BYD e6 Electric Car to be Competitively Priced in USA
Hybrid Cars Exclusive: All-electric crossover with 60 kWh will be priced in USA for $35,000 before incentives. - 20-Jan-2011

Will Lithium Battery Improve Honda's New Civic Hybrid?
Will switching from nickel batteries to lithium make the Civic Hybrid competitive with the Prius, article asks. - 20-Jan-2011